Young Folks LV is the youth organization in Riga, Latvia. The organization was established in 2012. Young Folks LV started as an informal youth group, but since July, 2014 Young Folks has become an official NGO with a target audience of young people aged 13-20 years old. Since 2013, Young Folks has organized  289 events for young people aimed at involvement of young people into the social life of the city, the encouragement of socialization and their self-development.

In 2013, Young Folks undertook 68 events (such as creative evenings for youth, film-watching together, cooking activities, language classes, art workshops, trip to Saint Petersburg, as well as a trip to Armenia within the «Youth in Action» project «Healthy Urban Life», where participated eight youngsters from Young Folks).

In 2014, Young Folks organized and realized 147 events, among which were: trip to Norway for eight days, continued the practice of giving language classes, began the course of «Profession School», undertook the project supported by the Riga City Council. The project was called »What do the buildings of Riga whisper?» and its main target was to develop the creative and painting skills of the participants who were 20 young people aged 14-20 years. As the result of the project, the exhibition of more than 30 works of art was shown in the «Diatom Art» gallery. There was as well the trip to Lithuania.

In 01.09.14 Young Folks became one of the four finalists of the project »Reach for Change»; as a result, Young Folks were included as a participant of business incubator with their project «Youth Centre of Social Entrepreneurship»; the main idea of the project is that children teach children. Therefore, within this project the youth give language classes and various workshops.

Since 2015, 74 events have been realized. The largest projects included the creation of «Summer School» that lasted from June till August. In June was organized trip to Norway; trip to Estonia within the Erasmus+ project as partners; first trip to Denmark in June with one group of eight youngsters within volunteering in the theatre festival organized by DNS (Denmark …) — in this festival participated 15 Danish schools which is approximately 500-600 participants. It was socially responsible project as a part of the participants formed children with disabilities. The second trip to Denmark took place in August-September when two groups of eight people came to Denmark within the «Olympic Games 2015» in Tvind. One group of youngsters participated in the sport competitions and won 12 medals. The other group were volunteers that took part in the event organization during all period of sports competition. In this event participated 450 persons.

At the current moment there are approximately 50 participants in Young Folks (and more than 500 followers — parents, friends, youngsters).

In Young Folks there are various groups designed according the interests: dancing group, art group, group of photographs, group of sportsmen, group of musicians, group of drama actors and group of producers.


Young Folks LV in pictures — https://youngfolkslv.wordpress.com/young-folks/
Young Folks LV in Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/YoungFolksLv



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